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VS 2010 RC IntelliSense Deactivated by Default

IntelliSense in the Visual Studio 2010 RC is getting a bad rap.

A few weeks ago Microsoft issued a patch to fix IntelliSense crashing with high power use of the code editor.

In a separate issue, several developers have found code IntelliSense for C# turned off in the VS 2010 RC by default. This behavior will be modified before the final release of VS 2010, expected April 12.

In the current build, the RC asks and then imports VS 2008 add-in profiles by default. The profiles of some plug-ins use their own autocompletion and "disable" the VS 2010 C# code IntelliSense. This issue crops up with JetBrains' popular refactoring utility ReSharper. Luckily, the fix is to turn C# code IntelliSense back on through a series of menu commands, or use the version of ReSharper that supports the VS 2010 RC.

Scott Guthrie explained the issue and Microsoft's plan going forward in a blog post on Friday:

"If a plugin has turned intellisense off with VS 2008, by default when you import the profile into VS 2010 we will re-enable it. This will ensure that on a clean VS 2010 install intellisense always works by default."

The VS 2010 launch is about five weeks away. On Monday, Microsoft announced an upgrade path for VS 2008 Standard Edition users, as promised. Developer Division head S. Soma Somasegar announced the Standard Offer and an MSDN Essentials promotion for people who purchase VS 2010 Professional at retail in his blog. Michael Desmond interviewed Dave Mendlen, senior director of developer marketing at Microsoft, about the new promotional programs in his article, Microsoft Rolling Out New Visual Studio Promotions.

Are you planning to upgrade to VS 2010 this year? Express your views on the test builds and your upgrade path. Is IntelliSense working for you? Drop me a line at krichards@1105media.com.

Posted by Kathleen Richards on 03/02/2010 at 12:54 PM

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