Telerik Updates UI Controls for Moonlight 4 and Windows Phone 7

Telerik announced today that its UI controls for Silverlight fully support Moonlight 4, the open source Linux implementation that was released as a preview last week. Moonlight is part of the Novell-sponsored Mono Project.

The company is also on track to release version 1 of its UI controls for the Windows Phone 7 platform in March. The first beta, which was publicly released earlier this month, features 17 controls; 14 that were in the initial CTP and three additions--a DataBoundListBox, JumpList and Gauge (linear or radial).

Some of the RadControls for Windows Phone are unique and some build on components already offered by Microsoft. The DataBoundListBox is an alternative to the default ListBox in Silverlight. "The key difference is that even with the VirtualizingStackPanel, you still have issues if you want to load a lot of items," explained Evan Hutnick, a Telerik developer evangelist. Telerik offloads most of the work to the Compositor Thread and loads items synchronously. "You are going to see the first item load and it will trigger in turn to get the [next] item to load so that we don't block the UI Thread, which improves on the default ListBox experience," he said.

The new JumpList control utilizes the DataBoundListBox as the default implementation, along with a data engine (new in the beta) which can do sorting, filtering and grouping on any data-bound control.

User interface functionality is enhanced by key building blocks of the Telerik components suite. An Animation Framework lets you define an animation once (fade, resize, scale, slide) and keep using it across the application. Built on top of that, according to Hutnick, is the ApplicationFrame. It lets you use transition animations (tile, continuum, fade) to enable page transitions that are similar to those found in the native Windows Phone OS.

Licensing for RadControls for Windows Phone is expected to be similar to that of other Telerik UI suites. "We have a very aggressive release cycle," said Hutnick. "The hopeful estimate for the actual release is 20 controls. We are looking to add some data visualization stuff."

A handful of certified apps in the Windows Phone Marketplace already incorporate Telerik RadControls, according to Hutnick. Amber Central ties into the Amber Alert. Resolutions helps Windows Phone 7 users distinguish between work and personal tasks, functionality that is currently lacking in WP7 calendar. HealthCaddy tracks health issues, and features a glucose tracking meter, which uses the Gauge control.

"With every component that we develop, and every bit of functionality, we go strictly by Marketplace guidelines," Hutnick said. "You are never going to fail Marketplace certification because you are using our components."

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