In-Depth Features

HTML5 Reality Check: Tools and Strategies You Can Use Today

Let the pundits debate Flash versus Silverlight versus HTML5. You need to develop software and want the real story. HTML5 offers many benefits to developers that are usable today with the right tooling and adoption strategies.

Examine Other People's Code with Red Gate Reflector

Red Gate Reflector lets you open a DLL or EXE and, assuming that the assembly hasn’t been obfuscated, recreate its C# or Visual Basic code. The obvious reason for doing this is to see how something is done; you can learn a lot from other people’s code.

Don't Combine the Scrum Master and Architect

Thinking of cutting corners on your Scrum process? Ben Day served as the Scrum Master and the software architect on a recent project, but the back and forth didn't really work.

Cross-Platform Mobile Development with .NET: It's All Up to Xamarin Now

Krystyna Rosicka-Blonska outlines her recent development experiences in MonoTouch and Mono for Android and points to a few shortcomings that Miguel de Icaza and his development team might want to address in the planned commercial .NET offerings from Xamarin.

Review: Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1

If you haven't installed any beta software on your computer, your Visual Studio 2010 SP1 upgrade should be painless.

Scrum Dysfunction: Beware of the Rewrite Project

When your team is working on a Scrum project that involves rewriting an existing application, there's more uncertainty in the requirements than you might think.

What You Need to Know about LINQ

Despite the advantages of Microsoft Language Integrated Query, many developers still aren't using the technology. Here's how to get started with LINQ and the key technology you'll need to fully exploit it.

New Development: A Look at Microsoft WebMatrix

Can the power users in your company actually create ASP.NET Web applications? Peter Vogel reviews Microsoft WebMatrix and looks at the tool's implications for professional development organizations.

Random IT Fun: Who We'd Cast for a Microsoft Movie

From a young Bill Gates and crew to competing CEOs like Apple's Steve Jobs and VMware's Paul Maritz, here's our picks for the tech casting couch.

Developer Tips: Making the SharePoint Transition

ASP.NET developers can have trouble finding their way through the SharePoint maze, because much of what they know is wrong. Here's a baker's dozen of tips to lead you in the right direction.

MonoDroid Tutorial Part 1: Introduction to MonoDroid

In the first part of this tutorial series, Wallace McClure walks you through what MonoDroid is and how .NET developers can use it to create Android apps.

MonoDroid Tutorial Part 2: Building a MonoDroid App

In the second part of this tutorial series, Wallace McClure walks you through the basics of creating a MonoDroid app.

The 2011 .NET Survival Guide

A look inside the critical technologies and tools that will shape .NET development over the next year.

.NET Survival Guide: Mobile and Windows Phone 7

After a watershed year in 2010, .NET developers can finally put their programming skills to use to create and sell apps for the Windows Phone 7 platform, introduced last February and available in Windows Phones in the United States since early November.

.NET Survival Guide: Data Access Technologies

The frequency with which Microsoft has changed database access technologies is remarkable, with each new scheme offering the promise that .NET developers have finally arrived at a long-term solution.

.NET Survival Guide: Application Lifecycle Development

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) is a critical measure of a team's maturity and development effectiveness.

.NET Survival Guide: Multi-Core and Parallel Development

In 2011 even low-end laptops come with two cores and, at the high end, eight and even 16 cores aren't uncommon.

.NET Survival Guide: Web and RIA Development

Microsoft's latest announcements make it clear that, when it comes to delivering applications over the Web, the choices for the .NET developer are ASP.NET and ASP.NET MVC.

Survival Guide: Line-of-Business Development

Microsoft's efforts to improve mobile, Web and cloud application development have captured a great deal of mindshare over the past year.

.NET Survival Guide: Cloud and Software as a Service

Cloud computing solutions vary considerably, yet claim superior privacy, security and scalability over on-premises deployments that also require the expense of an IT department to manage them.