Microsoft Forms Subsidiary to Advance Interoperability and Open Source Efforts

Microsoft is forming a wholly owned subsidiary to house its interoperability, open source and open standards efforts, the company announced on Thursday.

Microsoft Recognized as Linux Kernel Contributor

The Linux Foundation issued its semi-annual report this week and, for the first time, recognized Microsoft as a Linux kernel contributor.

Microsoft, Yahoo and AOL Confirm Online Advertising Partnership

Microsoft, AOL and Yahoo have agreed to a deal that offers customers access to online display ad inventories from AOL's, the Microsoft Media Network (which includes MSN and Fox Sports sites) and Yahoo Network Plus.

Microsoft Submits Patch to Samba Core Under Open Source License

Microsoft marked another open source milestone last month. The company's Oct. 10 patch improved the Samba core code and was submitted under the open source GNU General Public License.

Microsoft Updates Mac Lync Client for Office 365

Microsoft issued an update on Friday that enables Macintosh users to connect to the company's Office 365 service.

Microsoft Forms Cloud Partnership with Chinese Linux Vendor

Microsoft formalized its alliance with Linux server provider China Standard Software Co. Ltd. (CS2C) this week, with an interoperability and legal agreement designed to promote cloud computing in mixed environments.

Microsoft and SUSE Agree to Extend Linux Partnership

Microsoft is renewing its server interoperability and patent-protection agreement with SUSE Linux and investing $100 million in the program.

U.S. Antitrust Judgment Against Microsoft Ends

An extension of the final judgment's terms, which concerned the oversight of Microsoft's software documentation practices, has also expired.

W3C Solicits Feedback on Microsoft's Online Privacy Specification

Microsoft submitted a Web Tracking Protection specification to the Worldwide Web Consortium in mid-February with the goal of broader adoption as an W3C Recommendation.

Microsoft Reaching Out on Open Source Interoperability

Gianugo Rabellino is a man on a mission, giving full attention to open source software and interoperability at Microsoft.

Microsoft Cites Success of Novell Linux Interop Deal

Microsoft touted its operating system interoperability partnership with Novell on Monday.

Microsoft and Amazon Ink 'Confidential' IP Deal

Microsoft signed a "patent cross-license" deal with regarding Amazon's Kindle e-reader device and "Linux-based servers."

Microsoft To Disclose IE 9 Details in March

Microsoft plans to talk about Internet Explorer 9 at its MIX 10 event for Web developers next month.

Microsoft Unveils Interoperability Council Efforts

Microsoft on Friday described what it has been doing to improve software interoperability.

Microsoft Joins W3C's Scalable Vector Graphics Effort

Microsoft is joining the World Wide Web Consortium's (W3C's) Scalable Vector Graphics Working Group.