Q&A: iPhone Development on MonoTouch

MonoTouch developer and book author Wallace McClure discusses the evolving arena of Mono-based application development for the iPhone.

Q&A: Microsoft's Lisa Feigenbaum Talks About C#

Microsoft's community program manager for the Visual Studio Managed Languages Team talks about the new capabilities in C# 4 and what we can expect going forward.

Visual Studio ALM Q&A: Microsoft's Sean McBreen

We speak with Microsoft's Senior Director for Visual Studio and MSDN product management about application lifecycle management with Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate and Team Foundation Server 2010.

SharePoint Q&A: Microsoft's Arpan Shah

We speak with Microsoft's Director of SharePoint Tools and Technologies about SharePoint 2010 and its impact on .NET developers.

SharePoint Developer Q&A: Vishwas Lele

Visual Studio Magazine spoke with Vishwas Lele, a veteran SharePoint application developer, Microsoft Regional Director and chief technology officer of Applied Information Services, about his thoughts on developing apps for SharePoint 2010.

ALM Q&A: Micro Focus

Stuart McGill, Chief Technology Officer at Micro Focus, discusses the company's new direction and priorities.

Q&A: Microsoft's Brian Harry Discusses ALM and Team Development in VS2010

Microsoft Technical Fellow and Product Unit Manager for Team Foundation Server Brian Harry talks about testing, data and team-based development in Visual Studio 2010.

VS2010 Q&A: Directions on Microsoft's Rob Sanfilippo

Directions on Microsoft Analyst Rob Sanfilippo talks about Microsoft's epic VS2010 development effort and what we can expect going forward.

Q&A: Microsoft's Bryan Sullivan Discusses SDL 4.1a

Microsoft Security Program Manager Bryan Sullivan talks about the new agile-focused SDL 4.1a.

Q&A: Microsoft's Scott Guthrie Breaks Down Silverlight 3 for Enterprise Developers

Microsoft's VP of the .NET Developer Platform group opens up on a wide range of topics, from debugging Silverlight apps to Silverlight's security model.

Q&A: Matt Carter on Visual Studio 2010

Microsoft Group Product Manager Matt Carter talks about what developers can expect from the upcoming version of Visual Studio.

Q&A: Doug Seven on Visual Studio Team System 2010

Microsoft Senior Product Manager Doug Seven talks about the next version of VSTS.

Q&A: Software Pioneer Dan Bricklin

The inventor of the first PC spreadsheet talks about his new book and challenges facing developers.

New Development Model: How Does Oslo Fit with Visual Studio 2010?

RDN Editor Kathleen Richards talks with Microsoft's Kris Horrocks.

Web Without Walls

IE8 GM talks about switching to standards compliance.

Q&A: Top IE Exec Discusses New Browser

With the release candidate of IE 8 now available, Microsoft GM Dean Hachamovitch talks about switching to standards compliance.

Large-Scale Strategist

Bob Muglia on Microsoft's new cloud programming model.

The Query Optimizer

David DeWitt talks about building parallel processing into SQL Server.

Cloud Connector

Microsoft's Robert Wahbe on Azure and S+S applications.

Data Driver in the Cloud

Microsoft Technical Fellow Dave Campbell on Windows Azure and SDS.