Tech Briefs

Microsoft Sunsets .NET for Oracle: What's Next?

Microsoft has decided to drop development of OracleClient from its ADO.NET roadmap; while the provider remains available, use of it should be avoided in new applications accessing Oracle data sources.

Boost Team Development with Visual Studio Team System 2008

Working together as a team can be challenging. Here are three ways to use Microsoft Visual Studio Team System 2008 to deliver the best possible software, with as little friction as possible.

Inside Sync

A new framework for data synchronization.

Authentication Service

Defining a Web service with WSDL and XML Schema.

Parallel Extensions

New .NET libraries support data and task parallelism.

.NET-Based Data Access in SOA

Simplify your development of common data-access functionality.

SQL Server Data Services

Data storage in the cloud.

The New .NET Identity Class

Simplifying identity with Microsoft's 'Zermatt' class libraries.

Distributed Cache for .NET

Microsoft adds velocity to data-driven apps.

ADO.NET Data Services

Access data in the cloud with REST.

New MFC Library

Modernize the look of your native Windows apps.

Inside Silverlight 2

Microsoft's new RIA technology extends .NET across platforms.


Is the new MVC pattern right for you?

Microsoft's F# Functional Language

A functional programming language built for the .NET Framework

Key AJAX Control

Making your Web apps more interactive is easier than you think.