About Us: Editorial Mission Statement

Redmond Developer News is from 1105 Media's award-winning Redmond Media Group. This Web site focuses exclusively on news and product coverage serving corporate development managers working with Microsoft tools and technologies. The editorial mission is to give influential readers insight into Microsoft's plans, and news on the latest happenings and products in the Windows development marketplace. Redmond Developer News will be the book of record for new products in the Microsoft development space.

The Redmond Media Group is dedicated to serving all aspects of the Microsoft market: the Microsoft customer, developer and partner communities. Our portfolio includes Redmond magazine, Redmond Channel Partner magazine, Visual Studio Magazine, CertCities.comMCPmag.com, RCPmag.com, RedmondDeveloper.com, Redmondmag.com, VisualStudioMagazine.com, TechMentor Conferences and nearly a dozen high-circulation e-mail newsletters. We provide news, in-depth analysis, and hands-on information for IT directors, corporate development managers, administrators and a range of partners in the Microsoft community. We also serve IT professionals interested in advancing their technical knowledge and careers through IT certification.

Our products are editorially independent and have no ties, financial or otherwise, to any third party. Our editorial team is passionate about Microsoft and third-party technology and take pride in supplying objective and balanced reporting.

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